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Kristen Black, CRNP

Kristen Black, CRNP

We are thrilled to welcome Kristen Black, CNRP to the PCA team. She will be joining us Spring of 2024, bringing a wealth of experience in various healthcare domains.

Kristen specializes in advanced illness management, showcasing proficiency in providing comprehensive care for patients facing complex health challenges. With a background in primary care, she is dedicated to fostering long-term relationships with patients. She understands the importance of preventive care and works diligently to ensure patients receive personalized attention to support their overall well-being.

Kristen is well-versed in the latest advancements in healthcare technology, particularly in remote patient monitoring. She leverages these tools to keep a close eye on patient health between visits, ensuring timely interventions and proactive management of health conditions.

We are confident that Kristen will be an invaluable addition to our team, contributing to our commitment to exceptional patient care.

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